Mode 7 (CDs Available)

by Jazz Spastiks & junclassic



Entirely produced by Jazz Spastiks. All Vocals/Lyrics By junclassic. Recorded At Southside SoundLab. Mixed and Mastered by Jazz Spastiks. Released July 26 2011 on HiPNOTT Records to Critical Acclaim. Received 87 on 3 1/2 X's on and top ratings on various blogsites.


released July 26, 2011



all rights reserved
Track Name: The Mission
Verse 1

Lightning Ina Bottle
Viking Of Tomorrow
Ready For The Mission
Got My Night Vision Goggles
BackPack Check Weapon Check
Check Lock N Load
Band of Rebels Tell The Devil
Lets Rock N Roll
Got a Pot Of Gold
Too Hot To Hold
Serenade Grenades
With James Brown
They Got A Lotta Soul
So When They Blow
Thats Ya Body N Ya Spirit Gone
If Ya Song Wack
Plus The Track That You Spit It On
Aw Yea Killa This Guerilla Warfare
I Ca Make Ya Famous
Did The Basic Training All Year
Yall Scared Yea Me Neither
Heat Seeker Come Lookin For Me
I'm The Team Leader
Jazz Spastiks On My Right N Left
Take Light Steps
Cause My Mic Check Is Life Or Death
I Like To Rest
But Save Ya R + R
On A Mission
Till This Wack Shit Is Dead
Then We Party Hard

The Mission The Mission
Cause We On A Mission
24/7 365
Yes Stay Fresh To Death
N Keep It Live

Verse 2

Made A Giant Lion
Tame By Waving The Iron
Time Stood Still
Like Saving Private Ryan
When They Stormed The Beach of Normandy
To Play On D Day
Rewind N Replay Word To K Sise
Study Tactics Like Robert E Lee
See I Gotta Be A G
Ain't No Probably In Me
This Is Definite Official
Better Than A Missile
They Negligent
N You Ready To Represent
I'm Wit Chu
Met A Believer
Who Said Ima Creature
Chewin Emcees Please
Ima Competitive Eater
Pick My Teeth
Wit They Bones N They Carcass
Sittin All Alone
On A Throne In The Darkness
This A Job That I Love N Enjoy
Take The Gods Of The Squad
On A Hunt N Destroy
Mission Complete Disengage War
Fuck The World
Till We Get What We Came For
Better Remain Raw

Track Name: Bust Ya Melon

Feast Yeast
For Deceased Peeps that Would Eat Any Creep Ona Beat
Didn’t Even Have To Speak Mad Unique
Never Know What You have Till It Has To Leave
Me? See
I Been Around The Block Like A Nigga Tryin To Cop
When Its Hot
A Vet’ll Get In an Out The Spot Under Watch
Still Get Away Clean
Never Sleep If You Blink Ima DayDream
Born Healthy The Good Lord Gave All Blessings
and Let A Sick World Infect Me
I Guess 20 Years Of School Wasn’t Enuff Tests
So HE Added Drugs Mathematics Guns Rough Sex
My Hershey Chick Sayin “jun You’re The Shit”
Dirty Lick Have That Cat Purring Like Eartha Kitt
Slave To The Rhythm This Is What Its All About
Nigga In The Field Shit Is Real Catching Cotton Mouth
Without A Doubt


Watch The Way He Twirl Dutches
I Don’t Think The World Love Us
Seeing Little Girls Suffer
Correcting The Calibration So The Picture Is Clear
Visionary Baritone For The Hearing Impaired
Young Mothers Abuse Cold Lovers No Rubbers
So The Youngins Comin Every Other Summer
Wondering The Streets Wit Her Toddler In The Pouring Rain
Lookin For Support Off Adults Gettin Off The Caine
Still Lost In All They Pain
Don’t Always Love Company Or Want Ya Sympathy
I Dig It To The 10th Degree Everybody Doing Them
Play The Fool Chase Around Them Hooligans
Ima Develop A TransAtlantic Monorail
First Stop London Next Ft. Lauderdale
Make A Dream Reality
Ya God Ca Testify I Went From Broke To Decent Salary


Here’s Ya Brain: Eggs In A Frying Pan
Kids Wanna Rep The Same Colors As Spiderman
No Matter What I Try To Tell My Little Live Man
He Keep Bangin Like A Drummer Ina Live Band
A Young Man But To Him He A Gremlin
And He Get It In So What The Fuck Ca I Tell Him?
I Pray LORD Watch When He Not In School
On FaceBook He Say “Hey Unc” I Try To Drop A Jewel
In Jim Crow We Wasn’t Tryin To Get Lynched
Crabs Ina Bucket Tryin Not To Get Pinched
Funny How Mobsters Get Found Wit Lobsters
Friggin Imposters Live Long and Prosper
You Ca Sit Here Stay In Hell
Or Find A Good Position You Ca Fit In And Play It Well
Smell the Bullshit A Mile Away
Ain’t A Minute Promised
Do Something To Make You Smile Today
Thats What I Would Say

Track Name: Stunnin
Verse 1

Times A Hater Mind Violater
Why Deny Ya Maker
You Gon Need Some Kinda Favor
1 day
Im not a Player Hater I'll Congratulate
The Path You Take My Gladiator
Thats The Neighbor Way
of Saying Touche
Stay On The Thruway
Gettin Around By Medical Ground
Im Cold My Whole Temperature's Down
Got A Lot On The Brain
It Is Not a Tumor
Top A Da Game Monopoly Moola
Played Every Position
Called Shots As The Coach
Even Owned My Own Squad God
A Lot To Approach
Had To Poke On The Breaks
Cause The Stakes Were Rising
Lookin Hope In The Face
Negotiating Surviving (Yes)
Like Dro Keep My P's Ina Pod
All I Know Is Up and Downs
How I Even The Odds
Ina Drought Figure I ca Wild Out
Do The Dumb Thing
Or Sit Back Relax
N Just Wait For The Upswing

What Is One To Do?


Verse 2

Keep My Girl In Ecstasy Without XTC
Call At The Same Time Like We Got Telepathy
She Got To Know A Real G
Smell The Scent On Me
No Checkered Past
They ca Never Pleasure P My Pedigree
Im From A Land Where A Man
Feed His Brother
If A Man Ina Jam
Without The Peanut Butter
Thats A Code Most Don't Honor
Wonder If Its Cause
Most Got No Honor
Or Ones That Don't Bother
Never Mind Get A Grind
You'll Be Alright
Im Dead On Time
9 To 5 And Write All Night
In The Zone Turn My Home
To A Hovercraft
Feeling Like Tone Wit da Stooge
In Da Bubble Bath
HipHop Need A Mardi Gras
Born For Beats Like Marley Marl
Slid Up In My Mommy Raw
Totally Buggin Like Pauly Shore
My Mother Kill Me
Its Cause Filthy
Snitches Already Done Called The Law

Forgive Me Mommy Please?

Track Name: The Essence
Verse 1

Palm My Mommi Rack
To A Bob Marley Track
And Get To Pumpin
Like My Cardiac
Condo Wit A Balcony
Dreams Of A Hood Pad
Truth Be Told Im Only
Living For A Good Laugh
Eager Leader
Now Im Deeper In The Freezer
Maybe I Need A Breather
Of The Ether Keep The Cheeba
F*ck It Something Different
Bucket List Unlisted
Son Jus Bust Da Biscuit
Oh I Musta Justa Missed It
G Offa TLC Like Pebbles
It Was The Green Goblin
Now Its The White Devil
Hell Streets Call That A Graduation
And I Ain't Talkin Kayne's Imagination
... We Go N Get It
Fetch It My Dogs Golden Retrievers
My Nigga Put Me Onto Money
Like Sooki Did Deena
While Fake Dons
Make A Song About A Triple Beam
Hood Lookin At You Like
Who You Mr. Clean?

Verse 2

See Me In Flannel
I Beefed Wit My Damsel
Basic Cable Ain't No
Friggin Premium Channels
I Manhandle Remotes
End Up Choosing To Mute
Take A Toke Of The Smoke
The Pen Do What It Do
Its Unusually Beautiful
When You Move With A Few
Lookin Smoove At Da Funeral
Wit A Suitable Shoe
My Life Is Like A Musical
They Need To Do A Review
Been The Truth Since Breakin' 2
Electric Bugaloo Boo
Gettin Money Since 12
Many Buddies In Jail
Ain't No Honeys Nuttin Funny
Ain't No Onions For Sale
Thats A Bunion For Real
A Stale Ugly Reality
I'd Rather Buck At The Calvary
Or Catch A F*ckin Fatality
Monday Thru Friday
I Ride Clean As Charlie Sheen Friends
Early Riding Dirty All Weekend
Track Name: Blunts

The Way I Smoke Blunts...
(Inhaling Sound)
Repeat 8x

Verse 1

Wake Up In The Mornin
Got The Yearning For Urb
Did My Earnin Now Im Burnin
Cause I Learned From The Curb
But Ima 9 To 5 Survivah
Gotta Lotta Shit To Lose
Coppin Piff Off The Strip Is A Gift
If You Snooze
You Ca End Up Downtown
Manhattan In The Tombs
Sleeping Rough
Curled Up
Like A Kid In The Womb
Don't Know About You
That Ain't My Type Of Groove
So I Move Like A Dude
Bring Food To The Feud
Only Rock Wit Crews
Who Move The Same Way
Flashing Cash Yea They Asked
To Get Bagged By Pay Day
Kids Barely On The Street
Think They Know How To Hustle
Cause They Bang Witta Gang
Think They Gotta Lotta Muscle
But Its Real Out Here
Believe Me When I Told You
Hell I Can't Tell You Shit
But I Ca Show You
And Im Hopeful
That The Locals
Peep da Vocals
Bout The Ganjay
So Fellas
Get A Dutch And Just
Meet Me in The Hall Way


Verse 2

Get To Lickin
Like Its Chicken
Or The Kitten of My Woman
Treat It Wit The Weed
Then I Heat It Like An Oven
But It Can't Have Seeds
Thats weed I Can't Stomach
Give That Portion An Abortion
Open Her Up And Dump It
So Yo Buss It Cousin Puffin
Always Been A Pleasure
Lucky Cause My Cinderella
Let Her Fella Get Up
Used To Hate It Till She Tasted
Now Partake In The Endeavor
Tell The Truth You Aint Approve
Only Cause U Aint Know No Better
But My Baby Love To Laugh
Cuddle Witta Half
Take A Couple Drags
Till She Feel Tingles Like Bubble Baths
Make Love Till I Bust Grab Another Dutch
Good Girl Witta Bad Boy Fetish She Love To Puff
Once Ina Blue
Puff A Blunt Wit My Boo
Blunts By The Twos
Numb The Sunday Night Blues
Trite How It Might Sound
Funny Like To You
Just Lookin At My Life
You Aint Gotta Like The View
But I Do...
Track Name: Times

Verse 1

Study The Street
Like It Came With Instructions
My Function
Doubling Nothing Into Something
Brother Got A Lotta Needs
Wit The Proper Squeeze
I Ca Transform A Square Block
Into A Block Of Cheese
Momma Please
Keep Praying For Ya Last Born
Nothing Last Long
All The Cash in The Stash Gone
Head Thru The Wall
Feel Like A Crash Dummy
Days Were Mad Sunny
When Ya Brother Had Money
All I See Is Black Clouds
Gats That Clap Loud
Half N Half Trials
N Rats Who Crack Smiles
Kid Tried As An Adult
For A Murder Charge
Not Even Upstate
Got Replaced On The Boulevard
This Is The Problem
Modern Gomorrah N Soddom
Baby In The Basement
Gotta Crawl From The Bottom
Been Thru It All Stood Tall As Stan Smith
Win Lose Or Draw Its War You Can't Quit


Verse 2

The Last Born
When My Momma Made Me
Yea My Mom And Pops Did It
But Im God's Baby
Bump Dat Raw HipHop
And I Stay Clean
Like I Spent The Day At Macys
Yea Maybe
In The Clearance Sale Section
Whatever Keeps My Female Guessin
Long As Im Lookin An Smellin Fresh Its
A Blessing Just To Be Alive
That Used To Be Hard To Say
felt Like PMD
Watching The Hit Squad Decay
Took Matters Into My Own Hands
Young Bob Johnson
Couldnt Get Wit The Program
Need My own Channel Wit Oprah
Violence On My Poster
Our Culture
Power Guns Powder N Coucha
My YG Said I Built An Army
I Eat Italian Alone At Gabys
Feel Like A Don B
jun's A Mess
Makin Moves Like Chess
A Brother
Lose His Stress
When He Do His Best


Verse 3

Behold The Presence
of A Legend In The Makin
Molded From The Essence
A Descendant Of Jamaicans
Mixed Wit God Knows What
Thanks To Bolts N Chains
As A Youngin' Had To Respeck
Every Adult By Name
Till He Became One
Now Them Cant Say Nothin
They Know I Flame Jane
Cous Be Like Save Some
True Rebel
Hell Im Down For Whatever
Long As It Make Sense
And We Bout The Shit Together
All My Life Helluva
Real Nigga Wit Style
And Im Proud
I Ca Look In The Mirror
And Smile
At Night I Sleep Tight
N Drool Like A Baby
Cause I kept It 100
Even Wit Dudes That Played Me
Times Awasting
Im Onto The Next
Cuz Sittin There Twiddling Thumbs
Don't Call For Respeck
Im Out The Door Like Im Late For Work
Reign Down
Till The Lord Help Me Shake The Earth
Or Maybe Make It Burst

Track Name: Hot Shit!
Lyrics to "Hot Sh!t" are as follows....

Verse 1

For allowing me to feel Thankful
Move letters to get a better Angle
Mercy find another beggar to tether and strangle
3 Legged mutts get mangled can you hang tho?
So many people moved on man
Feelin like a stranger in the hood you born in
God Bless N'awlins
And all the Fallen
Sticky Icky what they called it
Hydro Wino alcoholic
Joe Jackson witta rhyme book I call Michael
When I do my Hail Mary its All Spiral
Benefits that ca only come from Discipline
Bickering with simpletons
Fiddling with Middlemen
My man was a Randall Cunningham type Scrambler
Swore he was the greatest quarterback since Montana
In the 80s we was the A Team
Destined for great thngs
Then I Woke Up to a Day Dream


Verse 2

Deeper Than Caverns Under The Ocean
Nature's an Indian Giver
Land Stolen By Erosion
Rebel Force leading some Insurgency
Putting Lil Babies in Emergency
Covered In Burgandy
Purple You Murder Me
Love U For It
Swim In Greenery like Leprechaun Gold
Wake Up Ballin
Ain't No Spaulding Endorsements
For Me To Go Commercial
Young and Nocturnal
Guess Who Never Had a Curfew?
We Out Here Wit Duo Live
Play the Corner for a Few
Then left for School
So jun don't do No Skid
Bid Kid Slid Into Second
Got Tagged Out
Made It To First Tho
Still That Math Count
Church Women be the first to Judge
As I Bop By
I Smile and Nod
But their Eyes are Hard and Dry
Who The Hell Cares
Yea You Ca Take That Garbage To St. Elsewhere
Phife Dawg waddup!